Pushing local repository to Github

Install Git

Download and run the latest version of GIT from http://msysgit.github.io/ or http://git-scm.com/

Then go to http://github.com/ and create an account and repository.

During the installation you can accept all of the defaults, do not change 'Use Git and optional Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt' option for Git and SSH operations, shown below:


After the installation is completed, to verify that Git is correctly configured run:

git --version

If the version of Git is displayed, means Git was installed successfully and has been add to path env variable.

On your machine, first you will need to navigate to the project folder using git bash. When you get there you do:

git init

which initiates a new git repository in that directory.

When you've done that, you need to register that new repo with a remote (where you'll upload -- push -- your files to), which in this case will be github. You'll get the correct URL from your repo on GitHub.

$ git remote add origin https://github.com/[username]/[reponame].git

You need to add you existing files to your local commit:

git add .   # this adds all the files

git pull https://github.com/[username]/[reponame].git

Then you need to make an initial commit, so you do:

git commit -a -m "Initial commit" # this stages your files locally for commit. 
# they haven't actually been pushed yet

Now you've created a commit in your local repo, but not in the remote one. To put it on the remote, you do the second line you posted:

git push -u origin --all

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.jms.JMSException


Specify all the jar files used explicitly, specifying a folder having the jar files would not work.

windows task scheduler

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools –> Task scheduler –> create basic task

connecting windows live writer to blogspot / blogger account

Problem: The blog account could not be accessed with the specified username and password.

Solution: You may need an App password

Why you may need an App password
When you sign up for 2-Step Verification, we normally send you verification codes. However, these codes do not work with some apps and devices, like Gmail on your iPhone or iPad, Thunderbird, and Outlook. Instead, you’ll need to authorize the app or device the first time you use it to sign in to your Google Account by generating and entering an App password.

How to generate an App password

  1. Visit your App passwords page. You may be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
  2. At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you’re using.
  3. Click Select device and choose the device you’re using.

Ref - https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en

Picture Collage Software

Picture Collage Software is easy to use and very fast to make collages. It is not only for making a collage, but also for creating a beautiful greeting card, wedding invitation, poster, wallpapers etc...   All we have to do is desired background, desired template and just drag the photos into it :) and that’s it, almost done. We then can add effects, frames, text and more.
Picture Collage Software is very easy to use it requires no training or anything to start using the tool.  Everything is GUI based and very simple just on finger tips.
One best part is we can download additional themes/templates from their website; we can also create our own templates and save it once it is ready, so next time we just have to open our template and add photos to it and our collage is ready.

Ø  Choose from hundreds of collage templates
Picture Collage Maker comes with a library of professionally-drawn templates that offer you a wide variety of photo layouts and backgrounds for your collage. You have complete control over paper size and orientation.

Ø  Personalize your photo collage with your own digital photos
Select the folder that contains your photographs and the program will show you a thumbnail of each image. Simply drag and drop pictures onto your background. It's simple to resize each picture, move it to exactly where you want it, and tilt it a little or a lot, for added impact.

Ø  Decorate your photo collage with frames, masks, text and clipart’s
Picture Collage Maker comes with a large collection of beautiful picture frames that you can add to any of your photos. In addition to traditional frames, the program also has masks that you can apply to each individual picture, allowing you to change the shape of each image.
It's easy to add text, in any color or size, anywhere on your collage. You can further personalize your creation by adding clipart, from team mascots and company logos, to holiday images.

Ø  Print or email your collage direct to friends and family
You can save your project for future updating, save it as a jpeg file to send to your friends, or turn it into a template that you can use as the basis for future collages. You can even make your collage your Windows wallpaper.

Ø  Collage Wizard
As easy as it is to use Picture Collage Maker, the program makes it even easier. The Picture Collage Maker wizard takes you step-by-step through the process, making it ideal for younger children to use.

Ø  Calendar
Picture Collage Maker has a generous selection of features, each designed to assist you in creating custom calendars with ease and personality. You can make calendars for your family, office, club or church group that can include everything from pictures to logos to text, then print and share or keep on your active desktop.

Ø  Greeting Card
With Picture Collage Maker, you can build a greeting card in seconds or spend more time creating keepsakes that your family and friends will treasure for years to come. No more stale holiday cards made of cardstock only—your greeting cards can be made with heart.

Copy/Migrate Oracle TOAD settings file to another machine View passwords stored

  • Windows XP and earlier: c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\<version>
  • Windows Vista and later: c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\QuestSoftware\Toad for Oracle\<version>
      copy CONNECTIONS.INI & CONNECTIONPWDS.INI from old machine to new machine.


  • To Copy the existing Passwords manually, Open Toad, Connect to any database First, then go to
  • (Menu) Database -> Create -> DB Link -> (provide a sample DB Link name, ex: test) -> (From the drop down) Database to Connect to (Select the instance from list stored) -> (click) Show SQL.

HTML tagging

while using start_form("POST") or end_form()
Default action can be overidden by defining the below environment variable