Mac Screen Recording with Quicktime

 The key steps to pause video:
  • Click on Quicktime in the dock to make it active
  • press Esc to bring up the Recording bar
  • hold down Alt (option) to reveal the Pause button
  • click on the Pause button
  • click on the red button to resume recording

This works for me under MacOS 10.9.3

Unix save readonly opened by saving it has sudo user

:w !sudo tee %

:w !sudo tee > /dev/null %
The > /dev/null part explicitly throws away the standard output, since, as we don't need to pass anything to another piped command.

Better add this line to your .vmrc file and just us :w!! to save a file which was opened in readonly mode.

cmap w!! w !sudo tee > /dev/null %

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol


Mac Automators

Create a “Copy Path” Service for the Right-Click Menu

  • Launch Automator and create a new “Service”
  • Use the search function to look for “Copy to Clipboard” and drag that into the rightside panel of the Service
  • Set ‘Service recieves selected’ to “files or folders” and ‘in’ to “Finder” as shown in the screen shot below
  • Save the Service with a name like “Copy Path”
You can also use the keyboard system preferences to assign a custom hot key such as Option-Command-C to the service, so you can invoke it directly.

Logoff shortcut key
Similarly create a Service using Automator for starting screen saver and assign hot key such as Control-Option-Command-L to logoff screen or any unique key of your choice.

Mac Finder Tweaks

Show a Folder's Full Path in Finder's Title Bar
defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES
killall Finder

Mac Screenshot Capture utility

Command - Shift - 3  => Capture full screen
Command - Shift - 4  => Capture cropped screen
Command - Shift - 4 - Spacebar  => Capture certain window

Add Ctrl to any of the keys above to capture it as clipboard instead of saving as a file.

Changing default location:
defaults write location /Users/<username>/Pictures/Screenshots
<username> to be replaced by specific to your path.

Changing default format:
defaults write type <format>
<format> can be jpg, bmp, tif, png, pdf etc.
Changing default filename:
defaults write name "<file name>"
RESTART Screen Capture utility by running:
killall SystemUIServer
Or restart system.

ssh & run commands on remote host

ssh <username>@<hostname> ‘<command>’

To disable printing warning messages, use –q option to connect in quiet mode

Run multiple commands with – ssh –q <username>@<hostname> ‘<command>; <command>; <command>’


To run local script on remote host, use bash –s option, additionally for supplying argument to the local script use --

ssh –q <username>@<hostname> “bash –s” -- < /path/path/localScriptName arg1 -arg2 arg3